The riverside

Both sides of the river Main have wonderful esplanades along more then 10 kilomerters. Here the people meet for sports, sunbathing, and recreation. Some bars and Biergärten offer fresh drinks and Snacks.

Shopping in the city center

The street called “Zeil” is the main shopping street in Frankfurt. The pedestrial area is one of the most crowded in whole germany. You can find shops and brands of every variety.

City hall, dome and historical city center

The city hall of Frankfurt is very famous and of unique architectural style. In the dome of Frankfurt the roman german emperors where coronated long ago. Do not forget to visit the newly renovated historical city center. It is an architectural jewel.

River cruises

Have a marvelous view at the skyline of Frankfurt. Enjoy the nature around the city. A river cruise is a relaxed way to get an impression of the city.

Where has all the money gone

In the eastend of Frankfurt you can not ignore the towers of the european central bank. The impressive building hosts the heart of european banking and finance. Guided tours are offered.

Apple cider district

Apple cider is a very traditional and favoured beverage in Frankfurt. Visit the hisorical apple cider district with lots of traditional restaurants. Enjoy regional food at its best.

Famous theaters

English Theatre, Gallusanlage 7
Die Komödie, Neue Mainzer Straße 14 bis 18
Schauspiel Frankfurt; Neue Mainzer Straße 17
Fritz-Rémond-Theater, Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1
Tigerpalast, Heiligkeuzgasse 16
Kellertheater Frankfurt, Mainstraße 2